This recording is from a presentation given Nov 14, 2012 by Vance Stevens at the Global Education Conference. The accompanying blog post links to the Bb Collaborate presentation recording and revised slide show: http://advanceducation.blogspot.com/2012/11/when-is-mooc-not-mooc-what-mooc-means.html

The presentation argues that cMOOC is truest to the spirit of MOOC, though these appeal more to self-directed learners than the masses of would-be college students which xMOOC is geared towards. John Hibbs, who was also scheduled to present, feels that xMOOCs in their current form are damaging university branding, but the presentation indicates where Stephen Downes feels that xMOOCs must inevitably revert to their roots in connectivist cMOOCs. The topic will be explored further early in 2013 in an EVO session entitled multiMOOC, http://goodbyegutenberg.pbworks.com